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Agostinho Neto University | Angola

The Agostinho Neto University (UAN), is a public institution of higher education in Angola. The university is endowed with scientific, educational, financial and disciplinary, intended for training in various disciplines.

The UAN assures' medical, social and technical view of the society. Moreover, it guarantees the contribution of all systems in the academic life and techniques of a democratic country.

The UAN has the following Centers of Scientific Research:
  • Centre for Population Studies and Research (CEIP) , is a center of research, in collaboration with the United Nations Fund for Population Units (UNFPA).
  • National Centre for Plant Genetic Resources (CNRF) , is a center of plant biodiversity. It Integrates the SADC network and has the ongoing project in "Emergency Collection and Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources".
  • Luanda Herbarium , integrates the network of Regional Biodiversity of South Africa and is responsible for the preservation and study of plant assets. It holds up to 35,000 specimens of plants from several parts of the country
  •  Center for Advanced Studies in Medical Education and Training (CEDUMED) , Faculty of Medicine.
  •  Center for Research, Training and Management in Education (CPFGE) , ISCED / Lubango.
Programs Offered in:
Master Degree
Doctor of Medicine
Bachelor Degree
Bachelor of Science (Nursing) 
Master Degree
Master of Nursing Science

Contact Details
Avenida 4 de Fevereiro 
7 Luanda Luanda
Ph: 244 (222) 311125

University of Bangui | Central African Republic

About The University: Welcome to international official University of Bangui. We are proud to offer high
level training, preparing our students for careers of today and tomorrow.Your college education is an essential investment in the success of your professional life. Rest assured that the team of the university is there to assist you on the path to success.

The University of Bangui is a public institution of the Central African Republic, with legal personality and administrative and financial autonomy. It is created by Ordinance No. 69063 of 12 November 1969 and placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, the Scientific and Technical Research. It is headquartered in Bangui.

Following the breakup of the Foundation of Higher Education in Central Africa (FESAC),the CentralAfrican Government sovereignly ordained in November 1969 the creation of a National University entrusted with the functions that are traditional academic training for managers, research and promotion of culture.

The University of Bangui, in 1970 is gradually institutions of higher education and research. After the Faculty of Law and Economics (FDSEA in 1970), the Higher Institute of Rural Development (In 1970 ISDR), the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST in 1971, current Faculty of Science), the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Humanities was established in 1972.

Programs Offered in
  Bachelor Degree
  Master Degree

  Master Degree

There is a College of Health Sciences, which is presently constituted by five Schools, four of which are of the status of Faculty, a non-departmentalized school and one research institute. These are:

Anaesthetics, Anatomy, Medical Biochemistry, Centre for Tropical Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Chemical Pathology, Child Health, Community Health, Haematology, Medicine and Therapeutics, Microbiology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Psychiatry, Radiology, Surgery.

Oral Biology (Dental Anatomy and Oral Physiology); Bio-material Science; Restorative Dentistry; Paedodontics; Preventive and Community Dentistry; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Radiology; Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine; Orthodontics. read more

Contact Details:
Avenue des Martyrs, 
BP 1450, Bangui
Phone: 236 61 20 05

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

List of top 10 Caribbean Medical Schools

Caribbean medical schools are viable choices for educational institutions that can be considered when one has decided to build a career in the medical profession. These schools have received accreditation from the international board and are great starting points for those that seek to become doctors one day.

The Medical Schools in the Caribbean are the feasible choices while considering the educational institutions regarding the medical profession. These schools are properly accredited by the relevant International Board and acts as one of the good destinations for a good career in the field of medicine.

The place you chose to study should be peaceful. It holds right for the Caribbean Medical Schools. The main highlight of the placid nature is the location of the institution and surroundings which is really beautiful. Besides the exciting location of the Caribbean Medical Universities,

it has even more advantages. The cost of education is cheap and affordable in the Caribbean Medical Schools when compared to other institutions in the US. This makes the Medical Schools in the Caribbean a very good option for the people who seek medical education abroad.

The top 10 Caribbean Medical Schools are as follows:
  • Xavier University School of Medicine
  • American University of Antigua
  • Ross University School of Medicine
  • Georgetown American University
  • Texila American University
  • International University f Health Sciences
  • Varna University of Medicine
  • Atlantic University School of Medicine
  • University of West Indies
  • American University of  the Caribbean School of Medicine

TOP BEST | Caribbean Medical Universities

The Admission criteria in getting enrolled to a Caribbean Medical School are simple and reliable than in the US. This is the main reason why many students from the US and Canada prefer to apply to them.  The students who have been eliminated due to insufficient scores in US or Canada stand one more chance of qualifying as doctors by getting enrolled into the Caribbean Medical Schools.

In general, the Caribbean Medical Schools are the educational institutions or establishments to train the students in the medical profession in different disciplines. Most of the students abroad would prefer to choose the Caribbean Medical Schools to pursue the medical education as it provides the complete and recognized qualification for medical practice upon completion.

Some of the best Medical Schools and Universities in the Caribbean are listed below:
  • Saint James School of Medicine
  • University of the West Indies
  • St.George’s University
  • American Institute of Medical Sciences
  • International University of Health Sciences
  • Medical University of the Americas
  • University of Medicine & Health Sciences
Caribbean Medical Schools are the one among the best international medical schools in the US. It assists you to become the best doctor you can be. While considering the foreign students, it would be easy to attain sponsorships and proper funds for pursuing the studies overseas.

It is mandatory to weigh the good and adverse affects of pursuing medical studies in a Caribbean Medical School before taking a firm decision on this.

Friday, 10 October 2014

List of Top Caribbean Medical Schools List as of 2014

When evaluating any medical school, you need to find the one that will best suit your needs so you can perform the best you can on the USMLE® Steps or COMLEX Levels exams.

Caribbean Medical Schools are one of the top discussions among the students who wish to pursue the premedical prior to becoming a physician. Getting admitted into a US Medical Schools is quite intricate due to the constraints of the GPA and MCAT scores.  Henceforth, the students would find it competitive to get admitted into the best medical schools or universities. 

Some say that U.S. applicants should consider post-bac programs or retaking the MCAT before applying to medical schools outside of the U.S. Although there are valid arguments for both sides, this article focuses on 3 reasons why premeds may want to consider medical schools in the Caribbean as an alternative.

Admission criteria are moderate in the Caribbean Medical schools when compared to other medical Universities abroad.

The best and the top ranked Caribbean Medical Schools as of 2014 are as follows:
•    Texila American University
•    All Saints University
•    Caribbean Medical University
•    Ross Medical University

Many medical schools in the Caribbean accept a much higher percentage of applicants than schools in the U.S.  For schools outside the Caribbean, acceptance rates vary considerably, as these typically taxpayer-funded schools tend to prefer their own nationals.

International Students in Medical Schools in US – An Overview

With the advent of the Internet the mode of education has changed drastically. From distance education the word has changed to Online Education where the method of teaching has become imaginary. The course materials will be sent online with the advanced learning platforms and methodologies, which they can finish at home.

Deciding if an online medical school is right for you is an easy task. With the wide selection of programs, flexibility and structuring of the programs, the online course is a great choice for anyone who is new to the field or those who are experienced and longing  to learn more.

International students are disadvantaged from the outset because less than half of US medical schools will entertain their applications. There is intense competition for the limited number of available institutional loans and grants, and private loans typically charge exorbitant interest rates and require a creditworthy US citizen-cosigner.

The number of international matriculates at U.S. medical schools is so low in part because most of them cannot afford the full cost of medical education, and so they can only apply for those several schools that provide at least some form of financial support.

Some of the Universities that accept International students for Medicine and other programs include:
•    Texila American University
•    John Hopkins University
•    St. George University, etc.

International students who come to the US for their undergraduate education are also at a disadvantage if they want to attend medical school in most European, African or Asian countries. Formal medical training generally starts earlier in these countries than it does in the US. 

Most of these countries follow the European model for medical school training where students start in a medical curriculum as an undergraduate (freshman) and spend a total of six years in combined undergraduate and medical education.

Doctoral Programs in Medicine – A Necessity

In order to gain the most out of an international experience, it is important that the students choose an appropriate and best-in-class study abroad program that is suitable in all aspects. There are a variety of programs available today depending upon the types, structure, locations and requirements. The students should sit and research well in order to get into a suitable educational institution that satisfies individual academic and personal needs. 

Study abroad programs are focused with unique characteristics, like students, and thus it is vital enough to find the right "match" between the student and the program. These programs offer different ways for the international students to make their dreams come true and achieve excellent education that is widely accepted from any part of the globe. 

The awareness is very important since most jobs and businesses these days dwell on the global saturation for endless successful results at all costs abroad.

Some Universities offer the Doctorateprograms in Medicine and other verticals with the following aims to provide the tools and guidance to enable faculty to advance their scholarly careers in medical education:
  • Support and fund protected time for the faculty to conduct hypothesis-driven educational research
Deepen the scholarly commitment of the faculty to the educational research areas:
    • Clinical teaching
    • Curriculum development outcomes
    • Teaching and curriculum in patient care
    • Innovating assessment approaches
    • Integration of basic and clinical sciences
    • Portfolios
    • Professionalism
    • Reflection